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There are many different types of therapeutic massage. Each massage modality has its own focus and benefit. One of the assets of massage is that all modalities can be mixed and merged into a single, customized session. It isn’t always necessary for you to decide beforehand, which type of massage is appropriate for you. Most often your massage therapist will use a number of different techniques within a single session. Before each treatment, you and your therapist will discuss areas of discomfort and focus and determine the best course of treatment.

At Harmony Massage our intention it to provide you with the highest quality care and a variety of bodywork choices. We hope your session will serve as a perfect time of respite in your day.

Harmony Massage offers many different advanced massage styles, including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Reiki, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga Massage, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Myofascial Unwinding, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral, Trigger Point Therapy, Alchemical Healing, Aromatherapy and Relaxation Massage.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase. We are also happy to bill your health insurance company, or your car insurance company following a motor vehicle accident. In addition, each massage therapist at Harmony practices Karma Yoga, and offers 1 to 2 massage sessions per week for free or low cost to clients who could not afford massage otherwise.

Swedish Massage(see photo gallery) Swedish is the most common form of massage today. Swedish employs a series of long, soothing, gliding massage strokes, kneading of the muscles, and vibrational taps to improve blood circulation, ease muscle tension, and improve flexibility. During your massage, you will be comfortably and fully covered, other than the area of focus. For example, when your leg is worked on, it will be uncovered and the sheet will be tucked in at your thigh. Draping is required and is used to provide warmth, comfort, and modesty. At Harmony Massage, we use all organic, all natural massage oil, lotion, and cream.

Deep Tissue Massage(see photo gallery) Deep tissue massage works with layers of tissue in the body to relax, lengthen and release longstanding holding patterns. It focuses less on relaxation and more on structural integration and the release of restrictions in the muscles and connective tissue. Deep tissue work is effective in the alleviation of chronic pain, bringing about improved posture, increased flexibility and greater ease of movement.

Hot Stone Massage(see photo gallery) Hot Stone Massage combines Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and Relaxation Massage techniques with the use of basalt river stones. Stones are heated to a comfortable temperature, and then placed on the body to assist in deep relaxation and detoxification. As a form of hydrotherapy, the deep penetrating heat and weight of the stones, relaxes tight muscles and reduces stress. When used as a massage tool, the heat allows trigger points, pressure points, muscular adhesions, and scar tissue to release with minimal resistance.

Reiki(see photo gallery) Translated in Japanese, Reiki means “universal life force energy.” A skilled Reiki Master can absorb energy from the universe, and then channel that energy into a patient in order to improve his/her health and well-being. Many people that have a Reiki treatment are struck by the intense feelings of warmth and comfort they feel during a session. Others actually feel the waves of energy transfer from their practitioner into their own bodies. Reiki can be a stand-alone treatment, or it can be combined with other massage modalities.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Deep Tissue(see photo gallery) Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian style of massage that works with the mana (life force energy) of the body, mind, and soul of the individual. The goal of Lomi Lomi is to “communicate down to the bones” of the patient, allowing the Lomi practitioner to go to as deep a pressure as the patient can tolerate, while being non-invasive. Lomi Lomi therapists use fluid, rhythmic strokes with the forearms, elbows, and hands. Gentle stretches and joint manipulations may also be performed. Ho`oponopono or “cutting the cord” may be used to restore balance and harmony to the recipient. Lomi Lomi’s fundamental concept is a “loving touch” for optimal healing.

Thai Massage(see photo gallery) Also known as “Lazy Man’s Yoga” or “Thai Yoga Massage,” Thai massage is a traditional Asian bodywork therapy that balances the body’s vital energy (aka, Ki, Chi, Prana, Life Force Energy) through palm pressure, thumb pressure and stretching along energetic pathways called meridians. Clients are fully clothed and sessions are generally conducted on a futon mat. Although very different from Swedish massage on a table, Thai is similar in that it relieves muscle tension and soreness and promotes health by supporting the body’s natural healing process. However, in Thai massage, your practitioner will position and support you in yoga-inspired stretches and soothing rocking movement for a therapeutic full-body treatment. After a session clients often say they feel more balanced, renewed, energized, and “taller”. Thai massage can help increase flexibility by keeping your joints well lubricated and improving their elasticity which is often lost as we age. With regular treatment, benefits tend to multiply.

**Please bring comfortable cotton pants. We also can loan you Thai pants for your treatment.

Acupressure – Relying on the same acupoints used in acupuncture, acupressure uses finger or elbow pressure to unblock energy meridians throughout the body, in order for the recipient to restore physical and mental health and balance in the body. Acupressure moves chi (life force energy) to relax the mind and body, to increase blood circulation, to soothe stress, muscle pain and headache, to improve overall energy levels, and to assist detoxification. Acupressure is deeply relaxing.

Myofascial Release(see photo gallery) A highly effective modality in releasing short, contracted, and tight muscles, myofascial release is the slow stretching and lengthening of muscles and ligaments. Myofascial release reduces scar tissue and adhesions following an accident or repetitive use injury.

Myofascial Unwinding – A highly effective technique to allow the body to release stored holding or bracing patterns from stored trauma or injuries.

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral – Like the gills of a fish, the sutures in the cranial bones are meant to breathe. When these sutures do not move, it creates a sensation in the head of "stuckness" and can result in a number of symptoms, including headache, eye, neck, and head tension. Biodynamic Cranial Sacral unlocks this stuckness, resulting in increased energy and vitality throughout the body.

Trigger Point Therapy – A trigger point is a point in a muscle that refers painful sensations to other places in the body. Constant pressure is applied to these points until the pain sensation and referrals are alleviated. Trigger point therapy immediately relieves muscular tension for lasting results.

Alchemical Healing(see photo gallery) Combining Shamanic techniques and Reiki energy work, Alchemical Healing is a tool used to weave spirit and matter into a powerfully transformative healing journey for the client.

Aromatherapy – Therapeutic grade essential oils are used in conjunction with massage to stimulate the client’s olfactory sense (smell), and to assist the client to feel happy, safe, relaxed, peaceful, euphoric, and energized. In addition, essential oils are deeply penetrating into the muscles, and can help to relax tight, restricted muscles.

Relaxation Massage – Relaxation massage draws from a number of different techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai, Reiki, Hot Stone, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. All of these techniques work together to relax muscles, increase circulation, remove metabolic waste and restore a sense of balance and harmony to the recipient. Relaxation massage involves wide, gliding strokes and energy work designed to promote deep relaxation and brings about a sense of wholeness and harmony.

Gift Certificates – To purchase gift certificates, please contact us by telephone at (541) 232-6298. We can mail the gift certificates directly to you, or the recipient, or you can pick up your gift certificate(s) at our Eugene office. Gift certificates will be mailed within 24 hours of purchase.

Gift certificates have a 1 year expiration date, and in the event that the recipient does not redeem his/her gift certificate within the year, the purchaser can redeem it.

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